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Integrated Exhaust Manifolds

Integrated Exhaust Manifolds

How many times have you gone out to your car on a bitter cold morning, started it, began driving, only for the heat to come on a minute or two from your school or work? For those of us living in cooler climates, this happens all the time. Fundamentally, your heater works by blowing air across a radiator that’s connected to your engine’s coolant system, however that radiator will only give off heat once the flowing coolant gets hot enough. Auto manufacturers are moving towards a new development in engine design that would cut down the time required for a vehicle to get to operating temperature – translating to quicker cabin heat, among other performance benefits.


This design, which has already been adopted by some auto makers, takes two traditional parts – the cylinder head & exhaust manifold – and combines them into one dynamic unit. The resulting part is known as an integrated exhaust manifold and it relocates the (previously external) exhaust manifold to the inside of the cylinder-head/engine-assembly. Now located internally, the engine is able to recycle thermal heat from the exhaust gasses, rather than just venting them to the atmosphere. These exceptionally hot exhaust temperatures are (more…)

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