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Winter Checklist

Many of us in the DC area got our first taste of cold this past weekend, with two nights that fell below freezing. Winter is inevitably around the corner, so make sure you and your car are adequately prepared! Your team at Auto Stop has put together a winter safety checklist for your vehicle that you can perform at home:


How old is your car battery? Has it died more than once in the past six months? Cold temperatures put a strain on the chemical reactions inside a battery. That means if its performance was poor in the fall, it may not make it through the winter. Consulting your service records to determine the age of the battery is a good starting point. If it has been in your car for more than three years, we would recommend having it tested (we offer this service free of charge). Don’t get caught in the cold this winter with a weak battery!


All-season tires do not behave the same in the winter as they do in the summer. The colder the conditions, the less malleable the rubber becomes. This means that they won’t grip the road as well. This is increasingly noticeable in wet conditions, so it is very important to give your tires a visual inspection before winter arrives. The tread on your tires is their primary defense against hydroplaning and channeling out road water. Notice below how the good tread is able to route all the hose water away from the surface of the tire. When you look them over, take notice of low or uneven tread-wear and be sure to inspect all four tires!

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