Post-Quarantine Checklist

May 20th, 2020 by

If your vehicle has been sitting for a while due to social distancing and quarantine, you’ll want to make sure that everything is in good working order! We put together a quick checklist that anyone can use to make sure that their car is ready to hit the road! Is your battery more than 3

Does My Vehicle Have 4WD or AWD?

May 15th, 2020 by

We hear this question a lot! These terms are often used interchanegably but there is a fundamental difference between the two. Jason from the Engineering Explained YouTube channel has an excellent video breaking down the two drivetrains, so we will let him do the talking on this one: Cliff Notes: a 4WD vehicle uses mechanical

Automatic Transmission Service

May 14th, 2020 by

Transmission Maintenance in Arlington The transmission in your vehicle has routine maintenance recommendations from it’s manufacturer. These service intervals for transmissions do not need to be performed as often as, say an engine oil change, but are still critical to the longevity of a transmission. How much longer can this be? It will depend on

Cleaning Carbon Deposits on a Direct Injection Engine

May 8th, 2020 by

If your vehicle has a direct fuel injection motor, it is prone to carbon build up around the valves in the intake ports. This is a common issue for engines equipped with direct injection and will require strict maintenance intervals to prevent. If your vehicle has direct injection and exhibits some of the following symptoms,

What Is Direct Fuel Injection?

May 8th, 2020 by

Direct Fuel Injection is nothing more than an injector delivering fuel directly into the cylinder of an internal combustion engine. It is a relatively new concept – first seen in the mid 90’s in diesel engines but has more recently had a widespread adoption in gasoline engines. Being able to deliver the fuel directly into

Oil Viscosity Explained

May 3rd, 2020 by

What It Is & Why It Matters Do you know what oil viscosity is right for your vehicle? This feature, also known as oil weight, is a major consideration when choosing new engine oil. Find out how to compare this essential feature of your motor lubricant and where to go for a reliable oil change

How Often Should I Drive My Car?

May 2nd, 2020 by

If your vehicle hasn’t been driven in a while, it can be beneficial to let it get out and stretch its legs. While there are people that store their vehicles for long periods of time without issue, it is a good practice for vehicle longevity to not let it sit for too long. Our mechanics

Why Is My Oil Light On?

May 1st, 2020 by

There are many inidcator lights on the dashboard of a modern car, but what does the oil light mean? And what should you do when it comes on? If your engine is running and the RED oil light is illuminated, you should pull over and shut the vehicle off as soon as it is safe