About Our Shops in Arlington & Falls Church, VA

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We Lead The Way In Industry Excellence

Tom Lapham started off small. With just a van and a passion for mechanics, Tom began providing mobile repairs throughout the Arlington and Falls Church areas. Customers appreciated his personalized approach to car care and the convenience of having their maintenance and repairs performed in their driveway. While convenient, Tom soon became so busy that he couldn’t keep up with the mobile repairs and started renting out a single bay in a local shop. His approach to mechanics was refreshing as his customers knew he was someone they could trust. In 1995 Tom opened his first location – Auto Stop Arlington – and his entire family joined in. We’re still a family-owned and operated shop with a tenured team of ASE Certified technicians. If you haven’t been to the shop, the storefront is a bit deceiving. While a seemingly small hole in the wall from the front, it extends back 184 feet. Both facilities in Arlington and Falls Church are modern shops with the most advanced tools and electronics in the industry. We pride ourselves on being the quality dealership alternative.

We Serve You And Our Global Community

Our online reviews are consistent, we provide honest auto repairs at fair prices. That has been our goal from the very beginning and will continue to be our goal for the long-haul. In addition to quality mechanics, we are a proud member of our local and global community. We give back and serve in a variety of ways. We are a green automotive repair shop that recycles everything we can. This includes recycling paper, plastic, tires, aluminum, and cardboard. We also repurpose all used oil to heat our shops during the cold Virginia winters. All metal parts are sent to a local metal recycling center. We donate food, supplies, and financial resources to a variety of local and global non-profits. This includes sponsoring several local baseball teams, a mechanics trade school in Haiti, and our local homeless shelter Carpenter’s Shelter. We are the proud recipient of several ATI Humanitarian of the Year Awards. The work we do is a thank you to each and every one of our customers and our dedication to making our local and global community stronger.

How May We Serve You?

Our facilities in Arlington and Falls Church are full-service auto repair shops, so call or stop by any time you’re in need of auto maintenance or repairs. If we need your car for the day, we’ll arrange a free loaner car or shuttle for you! If those aren’t options, you can utilize our after-hours drop-off or pick-up!