Factory Scheduled Maintenance in Arlington, VA

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Our team of ASE Certified technicians believe in taking a proactive approach to car care. The best way to do this is to stay up-to-date with your factory scheduled vehicle maintenance. Your vehicle owner’s manual will provide you with a guideline for what and when maintenance should be performed. However, we may suggest adjusting this schedule if you drive full-time for your job or commute daily to DC or beyond. This will ensure that your vehicle is safe and reliable and it will help extend the lifecycle of your vehicle. Even if you plan on selling or trading your vehcicle in the next few years, you want to get maximum value, so maintenance is a must.

What Kind Of Ongoing Maintenance Do I Need?

The type of ongoing vehicle maintenance required is similar from one vehicle to the next, but the frequency varies depending on your make, model, age of your vehicle, and driving habits. Your owner’s manual highlights the maintenance schedule for standard daily driving, which may be slightly adjusted if you drive at high speeds, on rural roads, full time, or if you commute. This goes beyond staying on top of your oil changes and tune-ups to in-depth diagnostics and inspections. The first is typically every 10,000 miles or so. This will include things such as rotating your tires, inspecting wheel alignment, checking all hoses and belts, checking the transmission, inspecting your exhaust system, and more. These inspections will minimize the likelihood of inconvenient and costly repairs.

You Can Maintain Your Warranty

A common misconception is that you have to take your new vehicle to your dealership when it’s time for your factory scheduled maintenance, but that’s not the case! Yes, your dealership will call, mail, and email you reminders that to maintain your warranty you must keep up with your maintenance schedule, but you can have your maintenance performed at any auto shop you prefer. As one of the top-rated shops in NOVA, we are the dealership alternative for many. We have the same advanced tools and diagnostics as your dealership. We deliver the same, or superior, quality of work without the dealer price point. Not just that, but we truly care about our customers and our sincerity is evident from the second you walk through the doors of our sunlit lobby. We service all makes and models — domestic, imported, new, used, mid-life, vintage, automatic, manual, standard, and hybrid. Walk-ins are always welcome at Auto Stop!