Looking For A Place To Get Your Oil Changed In The DC Metro Area?

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Oil changes are one of the most important proactive things you can do to maintain your engine health. It might be tempting to just top off your oil or skip your oil change if you still have enough oil, but your oil must be drained and replaced with clean oil. Why? As you drive dust and debris will work their way into your engine and get trapped in your oil. This will degrade your oil and create a sludge. This sludgy oil will increase the amount of friction in your engine which prematurely wears your engine and decreases fuel efficiency. Your sludgy oil also gives off more toxic emissions. This can be avoided if you stay up-to-date with your oil changes. If you live in the DC Metro area stop by the Auto Stop Arlington the next time you need new oil. While we’re at it we’ll do a quick visual inspection of your fluids, engine, tires, exterior lights, air filter, and more. We’re a green auto shop so we recycle all used oil, using it to heat our shop in the cold winter months.

How Often Should You Change Your Vehicle Oil?

The answer to this question used to be pretty cut and dry—every 3 months or 3,000 miles, but that is no longer the cross-the-board answer. Older vehicles may still need to stick with this lubrication schedule, but newer vehicles will vary depending on make, model, and age. In many cases this can be extended to 5,000 miles or more. If you aren’t sure your oil change schedule check your vehicle owner’s manual or ask one of our ASE Certified technicians, the next time you are in the shop. There are a few other variables to consider aside from mileage, such as the quality of your oil, your driving habits and the seasonal weather. The benefit of coming to a full service auto shop instead of a quick lube shop to have your oil changed is the superior quality of our oil. We will also suggest the ideal oil and maintenance plan for your driving needs. With the number of commuters who live in NOVA this is essential for minimizing downtime and repairs and maintaining performance and fuel efficiency.

Walk-In Anytime!

Don’t let our tiny store front fool you as our shop extends back a full 184 feet! Wait in our sunlit and inviting lobby while your oil is changed or quick service is performed. Walk-ins are always welcome but if you need to drop your vehicle off for the day for maintenance or repairs, you can arrange to use a loaner car, free shuttle, or our afterhours drop-off and pick up. We are one of the top rated shops in the NOVA area and a quality dealership and quick lube alternative!