Wheel Alignment in Arlington, VA

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There are many systems that work together to ensure that you have full control of your vehicle, none of which is more essential than your wheel alignment. If your alignment is off, then you are not as safe on the road as you should be. Something as common as accidentally driving over a curb or pothole, or driving on a bumpy unpaved road can lead to misalignment. This might be gradual at first, but will increase in severity if not addressed. Sometimes your misalignment is rapidly apparent, such as after being in a minor or major collision. There are a few ways to identify that your wheel alignment is off. Pay attention to whether your steering wheel is centered when driving straight. Notice if it takes more energy to turn your vehicle to than it used to. If your vehicle is more susceptible to drifting in heavy wind it could be an alignment issue. Last but not least, inspect your tire tread when pumping your gas. If it’s worn more on the inner or outer tread on one or more tires, there could be a few different culprits, including misalignment. If any of these issues are present stop by the Auto Stop Arlington as soon as possible!

When Should I Have My Wheel Alignment Checked?

We encourage our customers to stay up-to-date with their factory scheduled preventative maintenance, which occurs about every 10,000 miles. One of the many vehicle systems we will check during your inspection is your alignment, as well as your suspension and tires. However, there is no need to wait until your next inspection to have your alignment checked. Stop by anytime you think your alignment might be off or ask us to check the next time your vehicle is in the shop for an oil change, tune up, or tire rotation. This is especially important if you can’t recall the last time it was checked. If you have recently purchased a used vehicle, stop by our shop for a full vehicle inspection. You can even stop in with your used vehicle before your sales are final.

We Repair, Rotate, And Sell Tires Too!

If your wheel alignment is off, then you may be in need of one or more new tires. Even if your tires are fairly new, a misalignment causes uneven wear. Rotating your tires can help to even things out but sometimes the tire is too unevenly worn to salvage. Don’t worry, as we can repair, rotate, and balance the new tires you need to remain safe on the road. We are authorized dealers of BFGoodrich, Michelin, and Uniroyal tires and have a quality selection of All Season, Winter, Summer, Grand Touring, High Performance, or Extreme Performance tires. Walk-in anytime for wheel alignment or tire inspection!