What Makes Audi Vehicles So Safe?

Audi has been manufacturing superiorly safe luxury vehicles for decades. But what makes their safety features so unrivaled? The answer lies in the innovative Audi Pre Sense advanced driving assistance system (ADAS). The ASE-certified mechanics at Auto Shop in Falls Church, Virginia, are here to tell you everything you need to know about Audi’s state-of-the-art safety system.

What is an Audi Pre Sense?

Audi vehicles are packed with pioneering safety features, encasing you in a bubble of protection while you’re out on the road. The German automaker’s Pre Sense ADAS is an industry-leading suite of cutting-edge safety features designed to boost your security behind the wheel. The system is available in six different levels, including Pre Sense Basic, Pre Sense Front, Pre Sense Side, Pre Sense Rear, Pre Sense City, and Pre Sense 360.

Pre Sense Basic

Pre Sense Basic Is the entry-level package of Audi’s safety system. It comes standard on most Audi vehicles. The system uses sensors to trigger the vehicle’s electronic stability control system to tighten the front seatbelts and protect the driver from a possible crash. Pre Sense Basic can also shut the windows, close the sunroof, and turn on hazard lights.

Pre Sense Front

In Audi cars with Pre Sense Front, the ADAS will tighten front seatbelts, close and open windows, and turn on the hazard lights. Additionally, Pre Sense Front takes preemptive steps to lessen the severity of a collision or prevent one from happening via its radar-linked forward-collision warning system.

Pre Sense Side

The Pre Sense Side is the most outstanding of Audi’s six options. It utilizes a cross-traffic warning system to track movement on the road to detect possible obstacles in your path, including cars, pedestrians, or animals.

Pre Sense Rear

Pre Sense Rear offers the same features as Pre Sense Basic, but with the addition of rear parking sensors. These sensors warn you when your car is getting too close to something while backing up.

Pre Sense City

Much like the Pre Sense Front system, Pre Sense City detects the possibility of a collision in front of you. However, instead of using radar, Pre Sense City uses a windshield-mounted camera. This system can only operate at speeds of 52.8 mph or below.

Pre Sense 360

Audi Pre Sense 360 creates a comprehensive safety perimeter by bunding individual systems together. The system can detect possible issues from the front, side, and rear, and then react accordingly.

Stay Safe with Quality Audi Repair

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Written by Auto Stop