But What Does Brake Fluid Do?

You know that your vehicle needs brake fluid, especially when you either need it filled or changed. It’s usually your repair technician that tells you about the condition of your braking system. The inner workings of your vehicle can become fairly complicated if you don’t have the necessary training or experience under the hood. When it comes to brake fluid, you might be curious about how it works. You understand that motor oil lubricates the engines, preventing the internal metal part from creating friction. But what does brake fluid do?

The Basic Job of Brake Fluid

After you press the brake pedal to slow down, the hydraulic brake fluid is released from the master cylinder. This brake fluid is sent to the brake lines and brake calipers. With the help of the brake fluid, the calipers are able to apply pressure against the brake rotor. The longer and harder you press the brake pedal, the more friction can be created against the rotor. The brake fluid also keeps the braking system’s parts lubricated, protecting it from corrosion.

Do I Need a Brake Fluid Change?

This is one of those routine maintenance checks that every vehicle owner should make sure they have done. Drivers should always pay attention to the warning signs of a problem with the brakes, but they do not have to wait until then to have fluids checked. A quality repair technician can let you know the condition of your brake system, as well as the condition of your brake fluid. Over time brake fluid does lose its strength and ability to protect the braking system.

What if Brake Fluid is Low?

Low brake fluid levels can be caused by a leak in the system. A leak can be caused by damage to any of the internal parts or when brake pads are worn down. Ultimately, if the brake fluid is low it will trigger the dashboard light that indicates a problem with the brakes. You should visit the brake service specialists at Auto Stop in Falls Church, VA, for all your brake needs, including brake inspection, fluid exchange, or repair.

Written by Auto Stop