Common Audi Repairs

What to Expect

No matter what kind of car you drive, you can expect to need some repairs throughout its lifetime. That’s just part of vehicle maintenance! As experts in service for German imports, Auto Stop in Arlington, Virginia can help Audi drivers prepare for their vehicle’s most common problems. We’ve serviced plenty of Audi models over the years, and know what weaknesses to expect from the brand. If you own an Audi, you might end up needing these repairs at some point!

Electrical Issues

Auto Stop is used to seeing Audis with electrical problems like broken tail lights, dashboard displays, console lights, and more. If your vehicle is covered by warranty, replacing broken electrical parts is extremely easy and affordable. While these electrical problems are easy for a professional to fix, it’s worth noting that Audi owners commonly report them.

Failed Coil Packs & Spark Plugs

Audis aren’t the only vehicles that deal with worn out ignition components. Most drivers will have to replace spark plugs and coil packs at some point in their car’s lifespan. Fortunately, the parts aren’t expensive to replace, so you can handle repairs to prevent engine misfire in your Audi.

Exhaust Problems

The exhaust gas recirculation system in Audi vehicles lower the temperatures in the combustion chamber. The common problem here is carbon build-up and wear, which can cause poor emissions performance. Getting it cleaned up can solve the problem and prevent further damage. Another exhaust related issue with Audis is the catalytic converter. They can also get clogged with carbon build-up and reduce the exhaust flow. Professional service will keep the system clear and running properly.

Oil Leaks

As vehicles age, it’s not uncommon for them to develop leaks and other issues. Oil leaks in Audis can come from the valve cover gasket or camshaft tensioner. Servicing these parts or replacing broken ones can resolve leaks and help your vehicle continue performing its best.

The problems your Audi develops over its lifetime depend on how well you maintain and care for it. With the help of the German import specialists at Auto Stop in Arlington, Virginia, you can control changes in performance by replacing worn out parts. We are here to keep your Audi healthy!

Written by Auto Stop