Common Check Engine Light Questions

Get the Answer with Diagnostics

Is your vehicle’s check engine light on? If so, dozens of questions might be racing through your brain, and Auto Stop in Arlington, Virginia has the answers. If you want to know exactly what’s going on with your vehicle, visit our shop for diagnosis!

Can I Keep Driving My Vehicle?

When the light first illuminates on the dashboard, most drivers don’t know what to do. A solid warning light is simply a message to visit your auto repair experts for service soon. A flashing light means that your vehicle’s breakdown is imminent. Safely pull over and call for a tow!

What Happened to My Car?

One moment you are cruising along without a worry, but the next time you get in your vehicle there’s a warning light on the dashboard. What happened? Your vehicle’s onboard computer system received an alert of a failing or malfunctioning component and tripped the warning light to alert you.

What Triggered It?

Wondering what caused your check engine light? There’s a whole list of possibilities and only one way to find out for sure -- professional diagnostics. Visit your trusted auto repair team to get the most accurate answer.

What Should I Do?

If your vehicle’s check engine light is illuminated, you have some time before you need to visit the auto shop. This is an early warning from your vehicle, but with every extra mile you drive, your vehicle is at risk of sustaining further damage. We recommend stopping by our shop at your first convenience or scheduling an appointment as soon as you notice the warning light.

Is My Car Safe to Drive?

Once you receive expert service with a certified professional, your vehicle will be safe to drive again. Most check engine light repairs involve a simple parts replacement to restore optimal performance. If you need to keep driving your vehicle until you can visit the auto shop, watch out for signs of accelerated deterioration. Any strange behavior is your signal to seek immediate assistance.

With this information in mind, we hope you can handle your vehicle’s check engine light with confidence. All you have to do to get peace of mind is visit the professionals at Auto Stop in Arlington, Virginia. We’ll diagnose the problem and provide expert repairs.

Written by Auto Stop