Common Issues for Mercedes-Benz Drivers

Your Mercedes-Benz Needs Repair?

That’s not a question that Mercedes-Benz owners hear that often. Superior engineering has built the automotive industry’s most popular and dependable high-end vehicle. No vehicle is indestructible, but the Mercedes-Benz gave it a good shot. As close to perfection as it is, it does have some areas that are common repair problems. If you’re driving a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz, the following common repair needs may be of interest:

Worn Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter has been known to fail in certain Mercedes-Benz models after about 70,000 miles on the road. Converters that clog up will cause the oxygen sensor to give off a false reading. This will trigger the check engine light. Continued wear on the converter will cause misfires and delayed acceleration.

Engine Misfires

Mercedes-Benz manufacturers recommend changing out the spark plugs after about 100,000 miles. Some models have been known to have problems with spark plugs and ignition coil even earlier. If you continue to drive with an engine that is misfiring, it will cause damage to the catalytic converter or oxygen sensor.

Oil Leaks in Electronic Transmission

Even though Mercedes has an excellent reputation and track record for quality engineering, there are still common repair needs. Mercedes-Benzes that were manufactured after 1995 were all built with an electronic transmission. These electronic transmissions may be prone to buildups of graphite in the clutches due to an oil leak.

Faulty Mass Airflow Sensor

If your Mercedes-Benz is experiencing rough starts or hesitations when accelerating, then the problem just might be a faulty mass airflow sensor. Also, if you can tell that your Mercedes’ engine sounds or feels a little rough while running idle, the problem could be a clogged mass airflow sensor. It needs to be cleaned out so that your vehicle will give accurate airflow measurements and make the ride much smoother.

Struts Making Noise

Specifically in the E class models of Mercedes-Benz, an issue has been noted with the struts. This problem has been reported in the models from 1989 - 1995. If you’re driving one of these older models and you hear a rattling noise coming from the struts, then they are probably loose or leaking. Bring your Mercedes-Benz to the auto repair specialists at Auto Stop in Falls Church, VA, if your vehicle requires expert attention.

Written by Auto Stop