Common Signs You Need Wheel Alignment

One of the most critical components of any Automobile Is wheel alignment. Not only do your wheels help your vehicle drive smoother and more efficiently, but they're also responsible for keeping you and your passengers safe at all times. However, alignment is one of the most overlooked fixes for automobile owners due to the difficulty in recognizing an issue with alignment.

To give you a leg up on the road, Let's take a look at some of the most common and noticeable signs your car needs a wheel alignment.

Making sure that your car has proper alignment is a necessary aspect of auto maintenance. If you think your wheels are misaligned and want a professional inspection, come see us at Auto Stop today.

Off-Center Steering Wheel

While there will be some deviation due to uneven roads, When driving your vehicle, your steering wheel should be close to perfectly straight. If you notice that your steering wheel is off-center by any more than a few degrees, it’s very likely that you should have your alignment inspected. This not only will put your steering wheel back to center, but will also noticeably improve the drivability and efficiency of your car or truck.

Vehicle Pulls in One Direction

Much like your steering wheel, your vehicle should likewise be driving straight. For instance, safely remove your hands from the steering wheel the next time you are driving down a well-paved, level street. If your vehicle drifts to a particular side of the road, you should have your alignment inspected promptly.

Unusual Tire Wear

Your tires are one of the most significant indications of your car’s overall health. If you notice wear on the inside or outside edges of the tires, this could indicate an issue with the camber adjustment, while feathering or scalloping suggests there could be a problem with the toe modification. If your tires are showing any indications Of unusual wear patterns, a wheel alignment should be done.

Professional Wheel Alignment in Falls Church, Virginia

Improper wheel alignment can cause a world of problems with your vehicle, which is why you want an auto repair shop that you can trust. At Auto Stop, our team of certified mechanics can inspect your vehicle and provide you with a comprehensive review of your vehicle and recommend any repair recommendations they believe you may need. Come visit us in Falls Church, Virginia today.

Written by Auto Stop