Common Transmission Problems Every Lexus Owner Has

Do you love your Lexus? Sure you do! These luxury vehicles have all the power and high-performance features that you could ever want. However, Lexus vehicles are not without their problems. Over time, essential systems in your car can eventually wear down, causing trouble. If you drive a Lexus, here are some common transmission problems you should know about. If your car is experiencing any of these issues, book an appointment at Auto Shop in Arlington, Virginia, today.

  1. Shift Flare
  2. Many Lexus vehicles may experience the occasional shift flare when transitioning from third to fourth gear. A shift flare is a brief pause that causes the engine to speed up as the transmission slips. This typically happens during extremely cold weather. Possible culprits behind a shift flare include a weak battery or low or degraded transmission fluid.

  3. Incorrect Shifting
  4. Another transmission issue that Lexus cars can suffer from is incorrect shifting. This usually occurs in high-mileage vehicles. If your Lexus is shifting incorrectly, you’ll notice an unusual or delayed gear change. This issue may cause your check engine light to pop on and can be intermittent or constant. Shifting problems can be caused by a faulty throttle position sensor, old or dirty transmission fluid, or clogged or faulty shift solenoids.

  5. Rattling Noises
  6. Many Lexus drivers have reported rattling or grinding noises coming from their car. This could signify transmission troubles. If you’re driving your Lexus on a cold day, the sounds may go away as the engine warms up. Rattling sounds can be caused by a worn-out or damaged torque converter and low transmission fluid levels.

Quality Lexus Repair in Arlington

If you think your Lexus is experiencing transmission difficulties, call the ASE-certified mechanics at Auto Shop in Arlington, Virginia, today. We’ll take a look at your vehicle and efficiently make any transmission repairs needed. We have the tools and techniques to quickly repair your luxury vehicle. To schedule your automotive repair appointment, call our auto repair shop today at [as_phone]. You can also stop by our shop at [location_link]. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Written by Auto Stop