Engine Oil Leaks

Need an Oil Change?

Causes of Engine Oil Leaks

There are many reasons you may be finding small amounts of oil on your garage floor or driveway. The important thing to remember is that if you notice an oil leak, time is of the essence for having it repaired. Low levels of engine oil can cause catastrophic engine failures if they’re not remedied promptly.

Causes of Engine Oil Leaks

A leaky oil filter may be the culprit if you’re seeing an oil leak beneath your vehicle. This may be especially true if you recently had an oil change. The filter may not have been seated correctly, or it could be faulty.

Another cause of an oil leak could be a faulty gasket. There are many gaskets in your engine, and they are all susceptible to cracking and deterioration over time. Ask your mechanic to look over the gaskets in your engine and replace any worn or cracked and leaking.

If more than a few drops of oil leak from your engine, check to be sure the drain plug is properly installed. Like the oil filter, a drain plug can be seated incorrectly and lead to leaks.

You may want to ask your mechanic to check your oil pan for damage. This may be the culprit behind an oil leak, especially if you’ve recently hit something or scraped your vehicle's undercarriage.

What Next?

Preventing oil leaks is your best bet from the beginning. Adding oil changes and inspections to your preventative maintenance schedule with your mechanic can head off larger problems and help you to avoid costly and time-consuming repairs.

The technicians at Auto Stop in Arlington, VA, are happy to help you maintain and repair your engine when an oil leak appears. Call them today to make an appointment for preventative maintenance or an oil change, and don’t forget to mention any leaks you’ve noticed when you take your vehicle in for service. Auto Stop is a full-service shop where talented mechanics and technicians can help you keep your vehicle in top shape or repair any issues that may be keeping it from running at its best.

Written by Auto Stop