Is It Time For New Brakes?

Auto Stop Falls Church is Your Quality Brake Repair Specialist!

Your brake pads will gradually wear down and will need to be replaced. Driving on worn out brakes can erode your rotors leading to costly and extensive damage—not to mention compromising your ability to stop in the time and distance required for safe driving. The average driver should have their brakes inspected and repaired every 50,000 miles. This can vary depending on your driving habits. If you brake frequently, brake hard or fast, if you ride your brakes, drive in stop and go traffic, or drive with many passengers or with heavy workloads you may need to have your brakes replaced more frequently. If you can’t recall the last time you had your brakes repaired or if you have recently purchased a new vehicle—stop by our Falls Church shop anytime for an inspection. One of our ASE Certified technicians will take a quick look and let you if it’s time, or approximately how much longer you can wait.

How Do I Know If I Need New Brakes?

Every driver should keep their eye out for any changes in performance. Changes often occur gradually so you must pay close attention. This might include a drop in fuel efficiency, a misaligned steering wheel, strange noises, or a funny smell. If you experience any of these changes stop by our ASAP. When it comes to your brakes stop by if you have to push harder on your brake pedal to come to a full and complete stop, you notice squealing, pulsing, grinding—or if it takes longer to brake than it used to. This can occur gradually so keep this top of mind.

We Have Free Loaner Cars And A Free Shuttle

We understand how busy you are, but your brake repair doesn’t have to slow you down. Arrange to drop your vehicle off with our afterhours drop-off or pick-up or arrange to use our free shuttle to head back home, to school or work. We even have free loaner cars. While your car is in the shop for the day we can perform any upcoming service needs or factory scheduled maintenance.

Serving NOVA Since 1995!

We have two Auto Spots in the Metro DC area, one in Arlington and one in Falls Church, VA. We are a family owned and operated business founded by Tom Lapham. Tom started out small performing mobile repairs out of his van. His honest approach to quality car care led to many referrals, and within just a few months he was able to rent out a single bay in a local shop. After outgrowing his single bay he opened his first shop in 1995. We remain one of the top rated mechanics in the area.