Check Engine Light in Falls Church, VA

Is Your Check Engine Light On? -- Auto Stop Falls Church

As vehicle’s onboard computer systems become more advanced, the frequency in which your check engine light comes on may increase, but this is a good thing! It will alert you to minor automotive issues before they become major repair needs. That being said, don’t delay. If a light is on, you want to figure out why as soon as possible. Sometimes it’s something minor, like low tire pressure or faulty gas cap, but sometimes you may have a large problem with your engine, transmission, or other major operating system. There are hundreds of possibilities, all of which can be diagnosed and repaired by one of our ASE Certified technicians. Walk-ins are always welcome so stop by our Falls Church, Virginia shop as soon as a light comes on.

We Run The Same Diagnostics As Your Dealership

It’s true, not all computer diagnostic equipment is created equally. Most auto shops have generic technology that can diagnose a wide range of vehicles, but this technology doesn’t work on every make and model. Not to worry though, because the Auto Stop Falls Church invests in the advanced diagnostic computers and tools to ensure we can accurately pinpoint what the problem is—no guessing here! In addition to your electronic diagnostics, we visually inspect the problem area to ensure all repair needs are identified. Most diagnostics can be performed while you wait, so relax in our inviting lobby while we determine what needs to be done. We’ll provide you with a fair and honest quote and let you know how long your car will need to be in the shop. Dealership quality, at a fraction of the price! For your convenience we have a free shuttle, loaner car, and afterhours drop-off and pick-up. All of our work is backed by a 36 months/36,000 miles nationwide warranty. This means that no matter where you drive stateside, you are covered!

Factory Scheduled Inspections Minimize Your Repair Needs

You can minimize the frequency that your check engine light comes on by staying up-to-date with your oil changes, tune ups, and your every 10K factory scheduled inspections. We are a full service shop who can adjust your maintenance schedule for your individual driving needs, which is what our many Metro DC commuters opt for. Since we opened up shop in 1995 we remain one of the top rated shops in the Falls Church area. We are active in our local and global community and are a green auto shop who recycles all used oil, tires, metal parts, paper, plastic, and more.