Factory Scheduled Maintenance in Falls Church, VA

You Don't Have To Go To The Dealer for Factory Scheduled Maintenance!

The best way to maintain your investment in your vehicle, as well as its safety and reliability, is to stay up-to-date with your factory scheduled maintenance. This proactive approach to car care will help you maintain your sale and trade-in value. Your vehicle owner’s manual provides a suggested maintenance scheduled for average daily driving, but if you commute or drive full-time in the DC Metro area it’s wise to adjust your schedule to your unique driving needs. Our ASE certified technicians will ensure your vehicle maintenance schedule is proactive, minimizing the time, expense, and inconvenience of major repairs.

What Is Ongoing Vehicle Maintenance?

In-depth factory scheduled vehicle maintenance is suggested for all vehicles every 10,000 miles or so. The older your vehicle, the less in-depth the inspection. Inspection will also vary depending on the make and model you drive, and your individual driving habits. If you commute, drive at high speeds, full-time for work, or on rural roads, your schedule will be adjusted accordingly. This goes beyond your scheduled oil changes, tune-ups, and as-needed repair and into inspecting your tires, wheel alignment, rotating tires, exhaust, transmission, engine, checking all hoses, belts and connecters, and more. This proactive maintenance will keep your vehicle running at peak performance and all but eliminate the need for major repairs.

Don’t My Inspections Have To Be Performed At My Dealer To Maintain My New Car Warranty?

Leasing or purchasing a new car is exciting! Your new car warranty often requires you to sty up-to-date with your scheduled maintenance. While you can certainly have this maintenance performed at your local dealership you don’t have to. Auto Stop Falls Church is your quality dealership alternative, delivering equal, or better, maintenance and customer service at a fraction of the price. We have the advanced tools and technology required to service all makes and models, including new, used, mid-life, vintage, automatic, manual, standard, and hybrids. As one of the highest rated shops in Northern Virginia, you can be confident when dropping your vehicle off for maintenance. You can see and feel the difference from the moment you walk in our shop. We will perform your inspection and only suggest additional repairs if you truly need them. Walk-ins are always welcome, but we will need your vehicle for at least a few hours. For your convenience you can arrange to use our free shuttle, loaner car, or after hours drop-off or pick-up.