Tire Service in Falls Church, VA

Full Service Tire Care -- Auto Stop Falls Church

Are you in need of new tires? Can’t remember the last time your tires were inspected? Have you noticed uneven wear on one or more of your tires? Would you like to have the tires checked on the used vehicle you just purchased? We invite you to stop by Auto Stop Falls Church for a free tire and alignment inspection. We will let you know if your tires are still sound, if they need replaced, or approximately how long until your tires should be replaced. If you need new tires, we have you covered! We are an authorized dealer for the top tire brands of BFGoodrich, Michelin, and Uniroyal Tires. We have a large selection of All Season, Winter, Summer, Grand Touring, High Performance, Extreme Performance, and more. Not to worry if you aren’t sure what kind of tires you require, as we will suggest the perfect tires depending on your driving needs. We are a green auto shop who recycles all old tires.

Wheel Alignment & Tire Balancing

Your wheel alignment should be inspected annually when your tires are rotated, but they should only be aligned every two or three years. Misalignment often occurs gradually, but sometimes driving over a pothole,curb, uneven road, or even a minor fender bender can knock your wheel out of alignment. This makes it important to pay attention to minor or major changes in steering, such as your wheel being off-center when you drive, pulling to one side, or an increased effort to steer to one side or the other. Misalignment prematurely wears your tires, but more importantly, compromises your control and makes it harder to steer your vehicle.

Another thing you must keep an eye out for is a need to balance your tires. New tires are balanced when placed on your car, but over time can become unbalanced. A sign that you need your tires rebalanced is that your steering column vibrates when driving. This may only be noticeable when driving at high speeds and is most common for commuters, or those who drive regularly at high speeds. Walk-in any time for your free tire inspection!

Your One Stop Auto Shop

We’re open 6 days a week, just closed on Sunday. Stop by any time you are in need of an as-needed or emergency tire service. We have a spacious and sunlit lobby you can wait in while we change, rotate, or inspect your tires. If we need your vehicle for the day, you can arrange to use a loaner car, free shuttle, or our afterhours drop-off or pickup.