Oil Filters are on the Front Line Protecting Your Engine

Filtering Out Stray Contaminants

The purpose of a vehicle is to be in constant contact with the earth. This means there will always be internal and external debris that finds its way into the oil and into the engine. In order for oil to do its job for the engine, it must remain as clean as possible. This stray debris will compromise the oil, which will compromise the engine performance. That’s where the oil filter comes in handy. It protects the supply of oil by catching all of the waste.

Controlling Oil Flow

The oil filter is not just used for cleaning purposes. It’s also used to keep the oil flowing in and to its proper places. Oil filters are designed with proper ventilation and synthetic materials to catch oil, remove impurities, and direct it to the appropriate parts of the engine.

Replace With Every Oil Change

Consult one of the service experts at Auto Stop to find out the appropriate oil change maintenance schedule for your vehicle. As a general rule, drivers should replace the vehicle’s oil filter whenever they change the oil. The oil filter is very susceptible to wear and tear and the collection of too many contaminants.

Oil Changes Could Be the Answer

Many drivers overlook the oil filter as a maintenance service that can wait. Just because there are no obvious reasons to get an oil change, doesn’t mean that the oil filter is not compromising other components. You might think that your transmission is acting up because of a delayed acceleration, when it’s actually the oil filter. Strange metallic noises, lowered oil pressure, and exhaust problems might all be caused by a bad oil filter.

Keep It Clean

Oil filters are a vital part of the engine system. Drivers should be aware of the oil filter. The longer it’s allowed to stay under the hood, collecting debris, the worse condition the engine will be in. The most important maintenance tip for a vehicle’s engine is to stay on top of not only the oil change, but also the oil filter change. The oil filter has a series of its own concerns that could be compromising.

For all of your oil and oil filter change needs, trust the experts at Auto Stop in Arlington, VA.

Written by Auto Stop