Preventative Maintenance Secrets for Audis

Your Audi is probably your most prized possession. And if it’s not, you probably don’t own one. It’s never too late to upgrade to an Audi, but you will need to take special care of your new car. There are several maintenance tips that every Audi owner should know about. These tips are designed to keep the engine, mechanical systems, and the handling in optimal condition. Check out these Five Easy Maintenance Services For Audi:

Timing Belt Services

The timing belt is a serious repair need, and if it’s not handled correctly can cause extensive and expensive damages down the road. One simple maintenance tip to remember is to make sure you service other parts associated with the timing belt while they’re easy to access. Taking care of other components, like o-rings, seals, and snub mounts at the same time will keep you off the side of the road, and keep you in the fast lane.

Stay on Top of the Brake Fluid

The Audi braking system is arguably its most important system. Even though its superior manufacturing has placed the Audi head and shoulders above its competition, there are some simple maintenance tips that will protect you and extend your Audi’s road life. Don’t delay with replacing your Audi’s brake fluid. Just be responsible and replace it every 30,000 miles or every three years.

Pay Attention to the Brake Pads

A problem that many Audi drivers run into is that they allow the brake pads to wear too low. Be proactive with your braking system because it’s the easiest way to protect other vehicle parts. Audi drivers find themselves enjoying the speed, power, and handling but may forget why that’s all possible. Preventative maintenance on your brake pads means listening for the warning signs: dashboard lights, high-pitched squeals, and vibrations.

Look Better, Drive Better

It’s not just something people say. When you keep your Audi clean inside and out, it really will drive better as well as look better. Many Audi owners think keeping their car clean is just washing the exterior. While you will remove stray dirt, grime, and debris that can affect your car, this is only half the job. The Audi’s interior should be kept clean as well, for cosmetic and functional reasons. An unkempt interior can cause more distractions that many people realize.

Keep your Audi in great shape with routine preventative maintenance at Auto Stop in Falls Church, VA.

Written by Auto Stop