Maintaining Your Audi Through the Winter

How You Can Keep it Warm

Winter can be one of the most excruciating seasons to drive in if you and your vehicle aren’t prepared. Although winters in Arlington, Virginia are much more manageable compared to other places like Colorado or Minnesota, it still helps to keep your Audi vehicle prepared in case we get hit by snow. Although they possess a sophisticated design, an Audi vehicle will still break down if it’s not properly prepped for this chilly time of year. So before you go out this winter season, make sure you implement these car care tips. You and your Audi may be grateful for them later!

Keep Your Battery Going

Out of all the components that suffer in the winter, your Audi’s battery is what suffers the most. To prevent it from dying during the winter, be proactive have it inspected at our shop during the warmer months. We’ll quickly determine how much charge is left in your battery and if it will need replacement. Although replacing a battery may be a little time-consuming, nothing is more inconvenient than having to jump-start your the snow.

Consider New Tires

Your Audi will be equipped with special tires that were designed for its specific make and model. But unless you purchased the Winter Tire Package from your Audi dealership, it’s a safe bet that those tires aren’t prepared for the ice and snow. Since we live in Arlington, VA, our winters don’t get as bad as other states, so if your tires are worn out it may be best to purchase a new set of tires instead of buying dedicated tires for the winter. With that said, purchasing winter tires isn’t a bad idea, as it’ll help you navigate the icy roads that are all over Virginia during the winter. This will all depend on your personal preference, so you can’t go wrong with either!

Get New Wiper Blades

It’s easy to dismiss a few streaks on your windshield when your wiper blades are operating, but replacing them may be something to consider. Sadly, even the best wiper blades start to expire at around six months. Wiper blades become especially important in the snow, as it’ll be difficult to remove the snow from your windshield if the wiper blades are smearing. Most wiper blades are easy to install and cheap to purchase, so it’s worth taking the time to replace them. Some stores even replace them for you at no charge!

Written by Auto Stop