Maintenance Light

Lexus Repairs and Maintenance

What do you do if your Lexus’ Maintenance light comes on?

Your Lexus comes with a helpful reminder to have it serviced and maintained regularly. This reminder comes in the form of the maintenance required light.

What Does it Mean When the Maintenance Required Light Comes on?

When the maintenance required light comes on in your Lexus, it means the time has come to take your Lexus in for maintenance or repair. This light is triggered by the distance traveled on the engine since the last time your mechanic reset it. The maintenance required light is tied to preventative maintenance tasks like:

  1. Oil Change
  2. Filter Change
  3. Tire Rotation
  4. Fluid Inspection and Adjustment
  5. Multipoint Inspection

Expect to see your maintenance required light come on in your Lexus about every 3500-5000 miles since it was last reset.

Can You Reset the Maintenance Required Light?

If your maintenance required light happens to come on after you’ve had the maintenance completed on your Lexus, you can go through the process of resetting the light yourself, or you can ask your mechanic to help you reset the light. Because the light is tied to preventative maintenance, not a problem with your Lexus’ systems, it is safe to reset the light for yourself if you choose to do so. The process for resetting the light is relatively simple.

How Much Will a 5000 Mile Maintenance Cost for Your Lexus?

While the cost of this type of maintenance service will vary from one service center to another. Generally, you can expect to pay between $75 and $135 for the full maintenance service. Remember that preventative maintenance is meant to save you money when it comes to bigger and more expensive repairs that may arise from failure to maintain the systems in your Lexus.

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Written by Auto Stop