3 Strange BMW Steering Wheel Sounds and What They Mean

As a whole, BMW cars are exceptional vehicles that offer superior power and performance. However, the BMW 5 Series can experience some unique problems, including strange noises from the steering wheel. But what do these weird sounds mean and should you get your BMW inspected? The ASE-certified mechanics at Auto Shop in Falls Church, Virginia, are here to help.

Here’s everything you need to know about these three odd steering wheel sounds and what they might mean.

  1. Grinding Sounds
  2. A grinding BMW steering wheel could be an indicator of a power steering fluid leak. Your BMW relies on many different fluids to run optimally, including motor oil, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid. If there is a leak in your reservoir, steering fluid might be spilling out. This will eventually make your steering pump run dry, leading to the grinding sounds.

  3. Whining Noises
  4. Any kind of whining can be downright annoying. But a whiny BMW steering wheel can also be dangerous. If your steering wheel is making whining sounds and is also tough to turn, it could mean that your car has a power steering pump failure. This can make your BMW dangerous to drive, as it makes your steering stiff and slow to respond. If your car has a whining steering wheel, make an appointment at our auto repair shop right away.

  5. Creaking Telescoping Steering Wheel
  6. It’s not strange to hear creaking sounds when you’re adjusting your BMW steering wheel down or up. However, if the sounds came out of nowhere and you’re noticing any other red flags, make a BMW repair appointment right away.

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Written by Auto Stop