Oil Viscosity Explained

What It Is & Why It Matters

Do you know what oil viscosity is right for your vehicle? This feature, also known as oil weight, is a major consideration when choosing new engine oil. Find out how to compare this essential feature of your motor lubricant and where to go for a reliable oil change in your area.

What Is Viscosity?

Motor oil is categorized in different weights at both warm and cool temperatures. This categorization system uses two numbers, like 5W-30, 10W-20, and so on. The first number is the viscosity when your oil is at zero degrees Fahrenheit. The next number shows what your oil is like at 100 degrees Celsius, or typical running temperature. The thickness of oil changes dramatically depending on the temperature. If it’s too thick, it won’t flow properly to lubricate moving parts. Thin oil has similar issues, without enough thickness to properly protect your moving metal engine components. There is a range of acceptable thicknesses, but your engine can be compromised if your oil is outside the acceptable range.

Why Does It Matter?

Your motor needs to stay lubricated at all temperatures. Depending on your climate and your engine’s running temperature, the right oil weight can mean the difference between efficient operation and improper lubrication. Your owner’s manual should have the proper oil weight for your next oil change. Ask your local auto shop if this is the ideal option for your particular vehicle, driving habits, and climate. Without the right viscosity, you may experience additional buildup or friction on your engine.

A minor maintenance task, like changing your oil, can prevent a major breakdown. Don’t wait until your engine is damaged to enjoy reliable maintenance services. Keep your vehicle operating efficiently all year round with the premium oil with the correct viscosity to clean and lubricate your engine.

Receive a Quality Oil Change in Falls Church

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Written by Auto Stop