The Secret to an Extended Road-Life

The secret to an extended road life for your Lexus is not so much a secret as it is a strategy. The Lexus is a unique luxury vehicle, but it’s no different than any other piece of machinery with mechanical, electrical, and engine parts; you have to give it some attention. That means not just driving it for leisure and fun, but also driving it to the auto repair specialists at Auto Stop in Falls Church, VA. We’ll put your Lexus on the appropriate maintenance schedule like the examples below.

Visit Us Every 5K Miles For Minor Services

Most vehicle owners will avoid visiting the auto repair shop until after they have an emergency or a breakdown. That’s really not a good strategy for keeping your vehicle in optimal condition. Lexus owners should be purposeful about the routine maintenance schedule they follow. 9 times out of 10, the minor visit will be for no obvious reason, but that one time you might discover a new or potential malfunction that ends up saving you time and money in the long run.

Examples of minor services will often deal with mechanical components, fluid checks, tire components. These minor services are often just confirming that certain systems are operating the way you think they are. It might just be a general check on the tire pressure before going on a long road trip. Fluid and lubricant checks take very little time and effort, but they could prevent unnecessary problems down the road. Lexus drivers should be looking to bring their vehicle in for a minor service every 5K miles.

Visit Us Every 15K Miles For Major Services

Sometimes even the major services for the Lexus are avoided, and owners simply wait until a problem forces them to visit the repair shop. All responsible Lexus owners in Falls Church, VA, should make sure they’re returning to Auto Stop for the major services. These major services are ones that you must do in order to stay on the road and avoid a breakdown. The single most important--and simple--maintenance service is changing your oil. Failing to change your oil, or to change it in a timely manner, can do irreparable damage to your engine, the heart of your vehicle.

Other major services are not just checking fluids, but actually changing the fluids. Your dedicated service technician might also want to rotate the tires to preserve tire wear, adjust drive belts, inspect/change brake pads, wheel linings, calipers, hydraulic lines, drive shaft boots, ball joints, or windshield wiper blades. The average vehicle owner never thinks about most of these parts, but they’re important enough to receive service attention every 15K miles. Lexus drivers can choose to either give them proper attention today, or pay to have them replaced tomorrow.

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Written by Auto Stop