Timing Belt Repair

Audi Repair—TIming Belts

How often should you replace the timing belt on your Audi?

The timing belt in your Audi connects the camshaft to the crankshaft, thereby synchronizing the opening and closing of the valves in your engine. The timing belt in your Audi is a toothed rubber belt concealed behind a protective cover that your mechanic will need to disassemble before replacing the belt. Rubber is a malleable substance, and over time and with varying conditions, the timing belt in your Audi can stretch or break, requiring preemptive replacement before failure.

What happens if the timing belt fails?

When a timing belt fails, the valves will no longer be in sync with the pistons. Continuing to drive the vehicle after a timing belt failure can result in catastrophic engine damage. It’s better to plan ahead for the life of your Audi’s engine and add checking the timing belt added to your Audi’s preventative maintenance schedule.

How often must the timing belt be changed on your Audi?

The timing belt in your Audi is designed to last between 75,000 and 100,000 miles. Many factors may affect the life of the timing belt, including driving habits and environmental extremes. Therefore, it is recommended that you ask your mechanic to inspect the timing belt on a regular schedule.

Because so many factors can affect the longevity of the timing belt, you’ll want to take your Audi in for repair at a certified service center if you notice any of the following signs the timing belt might be failing. If your Audi becomes sluggish or slow to respond when shifting, that’s a sign of a failing timing belt. You may also notice clicking or ticking sounds much like a ratchet wrench. The loosening fasteners sometimes cause oil leaks or low oil pressure due to vibration caused by a failing timing belt. Low oil pressure can lead to further acceleration of timing belt failure, so it is critical you get your Audi to a service center immediately if you notice this issue. And finally, your Audi’s engine may refuse to turn over if the timing belt fails.

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