Types of Motor Oil

Which Is Right For You?

If you want to take the best possible care of your vehicle, routine oil changes are a good place to start. Removing old, dirty oil will remove potentially damage-causing contaminants. But you have to replace that oil with something that’s just right for your vehicle and driving purposes.

Do you know what kind of oil to put in your car? Auto Stop in Falls Church, Virginia can help you find out. Here are the four types of motor oil and an idea of which kind is best for certain vehicles.


Most cars take a conventional type of motor oil that’s engineered to help lubricate and protect the engine, but doesn’t have too many additives that raise the cost. It’s an affordable option for average cars, trucks, and SUVs.


New and especially high-performance vehicles need motor oil that has more benefits. Full-synthetic contains helpful additives that increase the lifetime and effectiveness of motor oil. Conditioners prevent wear and aid lubrication. Those extra benefits come at an extra cost, which is why most people wouldn’t opt to use full-synthetic unless they really had to.

Synthetic Blend

For drivers that want the benefits of full-synthetic without the extra cost, there’s a hybrid blend available. Synthetic blend is a mix of conventional and full-synthetic, offering more protection and lubrication at a more affordable price. Ask your technician if switching to a synthetic blend could help your vehicle!


Yet another type of oil available on the market is high-mileage oil, which is specifically designed for the benefit of aging vehicles. If your car has 70,000 miles or more, using this specially crafted oil could help prevent additional wear of engine parts, since they have added conditioners.

Need help selecting the right motor oil for your vehicle? The ASE Certified technicians at Auto Stop in Falls Church, Virginia would be happy to help. We follow factory recommendations to find the right viscosity for your vehicle and its driving conditions. We also take its age, maintenance history, and your desired performance benefits into account. We can find a solution that fits your budget and offers the ultimate protection for your car’s engine!

Written by Auto Stop