Impress Your Friends With BMW Fun Facts

When you see somebody driving a BMW, you may think that person is probably wealthy. That’s the real allure of the BMW. Just by driving one, people will make assumptions about your social status. But beyond these general assumptions, what knowledge do you really have about that person? And more importantly, what knowledge do you really have about BMWs? The following are some fun facts that you can use to impress BMW enthusiasts.

Started With Plane Engines

BMW manufactured plane engines at first. That tells us all we need to know about the levels of precision and expectation they put into their car engines. Coming from an industry where the engines were required to keep people in the air, after they switched to cars they had a whole new level of expectation. While BMW was still in the plane engine manufacturing industry, they set aviation records and made advancements that set a standard.

What Does it Stand For?

We’ve always said the initials, and even come up with nicknames (“Beamer”) for the BMW. But none of the names we call it refer to what the initials actually stand for. Ask 100 people on the street, and one person might know. But I’m willing to bet if you ask people on a German street, 99 would probably know, and know how to pronounce it correctly. Because BMW stands for “Bayerische Motoren Werke.”

The Godfather of Luxury Brands

BMW, established in 1916, is one of the oldest luxury vehicle brands, if not the oldest. It’s ironic that BMW is so old, and yet they are always spearheading new technologies and innovations that keep them the most current. The high standards that BMW maintains were established over 100 years ago. So all that newness and relevancy is just BMW continuing to do what it’s been doing for a very long time.

Electric Cars Since 1972

This is another example of how a company so old stays decades ahead of the automotive industry. Electric and hybrid vehicles may seem like a new craze as of late, but BMW created its first electric car in 1972. It seems like they did it for the fun of it, because they didn’t plan on selling the BMW 1602.

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Written by Auto Stop