Five Fun Facts Every Audi Driver Should Know

The Audi is the perfect combination of speed, style, and power. It’s a head-turning make that’s pleasing to the eyes and also to the ears. Audi has long been one of the automobile industry’s best examples of quality German engineering. Anybody who’s driving an Audi knows exactly why it’s considered to be a luxury sports car. But here’s a few things that even Audi owners may not know. These are five fun facts that every Audi driver should know:

What Does Audi Mean?

Audi sounds like it could be someone’s name or part of their name. It could also be a place. Well, check this out! The name Audi is actually Latin, meaning “hear.” And actually, the name does originate from the founder August Horch’s last name, which means “hear” in German. Copyright infringement prevented him from using his name, but it’s a good thing because Audi has a much nicer ring to it.

Audi Founder Horch Trained Under Karl Benz

Every car lover should recognize the last name Benz. Before August Horch decided to branch out and start his own car manufacturing company, he had to train under someone else for three years. That someone else was Karl Benz, the creator of the Mercedes-Benz brand. These German engineers started a luxury standard that continues to this day, and has put them in competition for highway supremacy.

What’s With the Four Circles?

The Audi emblem is highly recognizable, and represents a standard that most vehicle owners envy. But you might think the four circles logo is simple and doesn’t mean anything. However, the four circles represent the four German automakers of the Auto Union; Audi, Horch, DKW, and Wanderer. Each brand had its own lane, so to speak, with Audi representing the deluxe mid-size car.

Auto Union Produced a 438 kph Race Car in 1938

When we think back 75 or 80 years, we imagine life and the cars being a lot slower. Well, you may be surprised by how much faster Auto Union was back then, especially after partnering with Ferdinand Porsche. Auto Union was able to produce a race car that traveled at a speed of 438 kph as early as 1938.

Next Stop, the Moon!

Audi enthusiasts might think that the brand is conquering Earth. And you get the impression that Audi thinks so to, because they’re taking their act to the moon. Audi is joining forces with German scientists to build a Lunar Rover using its sophisticated Quattro mechanical system.

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Written by Auto Stop