What Impacts Wheel Alignment?

Two Things That Ruin Vehicle Suspension

Would you consider yourself a safe driver -- someone that is vigilant, cautious, and doesn’t speed? These are good driving habits to protect yourself on the road, but do you ever consider the habits that are safe for your vehicle? How you drive can impact how long your car lasts, or how often it needs repairs throughout its lifetime. If you already know how to be a safe driver for yourself, take a moment to learn about the safe driving habits that can benefit your vehicle!

One of the most important pieces of your vehicle’s health is the suspension and alignment. If something is off here, it will have major effects on performance, handling, efficiency, and more. That’s why setting your vehicle up to achieve its best has to include regular wheel alignment service to correct any changes in its geometry and suspension. Auto Stop in Falls Church, Virginia understands how important proper wheel alignment is to the long term health of your car, and we have a few driving tips to help you protect it!


Potholes are the enemy of good wheel alignment. One big hit to the wheel is enough to set it askew from the others and change your vehicle’s performance! Imagine what it feels like to run and step in a ditch. Your leg straightens too far, causing your knee to hyperextend -- ouch! The pressure sent upwards through your leg can be dangerous! The same is true for the force your wheel and suspension take when hitting a pothole. To protect your vehicle, always try to safely avoid small and large potholes in the road. If you can’t maneuver around them, at least slow down to reduce the potential risk to your vehicle!

Speed Bumps

If your car has good suspension, passing over bumps in the road is a breeze because of the way your vehicle absorbs the impact and carries on smoothly. That can leave some drivers feeling too confident about taking speed bumps quickly. Suddenly shocking the suspension with an uneven road surface at high speeds can cause serious damage. The speed bumps are there for a reason. You need to slow down to safely navigate the area and protect your vehicle!

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Written by Auto Stop