A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Lexus

The Lexus is great. It looks great, it drives great. It’s quite the status symbol. But what makes it so special, so different from other luxury brands? Aside from the obvious, there are some interesting facts about the Lexus that you may not know. You can tell just by looking at the Lexus how smooth and stylish it is, but here are a few nuggets that you can use at your next dinner party. Just take note, and remember the following fun facts about Lexus.

The Young & The Lexus

The Lexus is the youngest luxury brand automobile on the market. It makes sense that people find driving the Lexus to be so much fun. All the other big names like Mercedes, Porsche, and Jaguar have been around for about a century. But for so long, Toyota didn’t have a flagship luxury make until it created the Lexus as recently as 1983. That makes Lexus the baby of all the luxury vehicle brands, and that’s completely understandable, since it’s so fun, hip, and stylish.

Inventor of the 8-Speed Automatic Transmission

This feature is a fan favorite of Lexus enthusiasts. These 8-speed automatic transmissions are designed with sophisticated technologies that allow vehicles to shift gears whenever you brake or accelerate. The vehicle’s exceptional shifting capabilities makes it feel more like a faster manual transmission sports car. Computer technology is what makes the Lexus a more exciting drive.

Only the Best Designers

The beautiful design of Lexus vehicles sets them apart from many other cars. Lexus manufacturers make it a point to only permit the best designers anywhere near the Lexus as it is being developed and constructed. As the name might indicate, luxury is the primary focus of the Lexus. To maintain that commitment to luxury, it’s important to protect that vision. The company’s policy is to only trust the industry’s best professionals.

Created the Perfect Sounding Engine

Part of creating the essential luxury vehicle is perfecting the hum of the engine. In order to create this, Lexus partnered with Yamaha. Their engineers partnered with Yamaha and designed the V10 engine to create the ultimate driving experience. The luxurious and satisfying sound of the Lexus engine is no accident.

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Written by Auto Stop