The Light Is On

The check engine light illuminating on a vehicle’s dash can put a damper on anyone’s day. But, when it’s accompanied by trembling? Or, vibrations? Possibly even full-on shaking? You know there’s an issue that needs to be resolved. But, what is it? Why is your vehicle acting up all of a sudden? The answer is as straightforward as it is vague, believe it or not.

Engine Misfire

If your check engine light is on and your vehicle is shaking, that usually means your engine is misfiring. What does that mean? Simply put: it means that your engine is increasing the number of hydrocarbon emissions that are exiting the tailpipe, which is putting your engine under strain. The issue behind that increase in emissions is a lack of combustion in one of the engine’s cylinders. When there is an incomplete, or nonexistent, combustion moment, the engine’s piston that is being affected won’t fire properly. That’s what causes the uneven trembling you’re noticing whenever you crank your vehicle.

So, What Causes The Misfiring?

This is where professional diagnostics come into play. The overall issue stated above is pretty cut-and-dry. However, the reason behind the misfiring comes from a long list of issues that will need to be checked out by an ASE-certified technical professional. The most common reason why a piston begins to misfire is that the spark plugs are worn out. In that case, a close look at all of your spark plugs before changing them out will help fix that problem up. However, that isn’t the only plausible reason behind the trembling engine issues you’re facing.

Other Less Common Issues

If sensors within your engine, such as the crankshaft sensor, are beginning to wear down, this can also cause piston misfirings. Necessary updates to the computer software within the technological part of your vehicle may be required in order to stop that shaking as well. But, even something as small as a broken wire or loose connector somewhere beneath the hood of your car can begin a cascade of issues that lead to piston misfirings. No matter the issue, though, it requires a delicate hand as well as a robust knowledge bank in order to not only figure it out, but fix it.

If your car is shaking and your check engine light is on, your vehicle is no longer safe to drive for the long-term. So, come on down to see us here at Auto Stop at [location_link], or give us a call at [as_phone] to get on our schedule at a more convenient time for you. Our ASE-certified technicians and expertly-trained staff are standing by, ready to help you with the stress that comes with engine troubles. Let us take care of your troubles so you can cast out your worries.

Written by Auto Stop