Why Brand-Specific Services Are Important

Understanding Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Services

As many Mercedes-Benz vehicle owners know, they must have their vehicle go through two major maintenance services -- the A and B Service. These services play an important role in ensuring a Mercedes-Benz vehicle maintains its high level of performance, but why is it so important? Why can’t a Mercedes-Benz vehicle go through a typical maintenance service? Well, you can break it down into two pieces: the process and the components.

Although a typical maintenance service can do the job, Mercedes-Benz utilizes factory-specific service techniques and components for all of their vehicles. Unless a technician is well-versed and trained in the brand's requirements (we are!), they won’t be able to meet their lofty standards. Curious as to what these requirements are? Although we can’t share everything, here are a few things to keep in mind before you take your Mercedes-Benz vehicle in for service!

The Process

Although every Mercedes-Benz vehicle goes through the A and B Service, they still have specific tasks that need to be performed based on the vehicle’s make and model. Some components may need servicing while others may be fine, and it’s why it’s important for their vehicles to go through a brand-specific process. A technician that is well-versed with the brand's service guidelines will not only perform the services needed for the specific make and model, but they’ll also be able to service the component utilizing brand specific service techniques. For example, the B Service, which is the more complex maintenance service, takes a look at major components which includes the cooling system and engine. Due to their unique design and build, it needs a trained set of eyes to properly service them. A normal maintenance service can technically do the job, but it won’t be able to get the vehicle performing at its best. For that to happen, it needs to utilize a specific service process and that’s only available by factory-trained technicians.

The Components

Every Mercedes-Benz vehicle is built with components that are unique to the brand. These components were created and utilized because of the unique design of every make and model the brand creates, and it’s important they only utilize these components. A perfect example of this is the O-Ring, which is utilized in the oil filter. This component helps keep the oil filtered, and is typically replaced during the A Maintenance Service. What’s special about this part is that it is unique to the Mercedes-Benz brand and if another part is used, it won’t be able to properly filter all of the motor oil found in the engine.

Written by Auto Stop