Timing Belt Replacement in Arlington, VA

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If you plan on keeping your vehicle for more than 60,000 miles, then you will need to have the timing belt replaced. The tricky thing about timing belts is that there are few signs that indicate they need to be replaced. It might squeak as it wears, or it may be the reason your vehicle won’t start. Our goal is to inspect and replace your timing belt before it breaks, which is why we often replace it somewhere between the 60,000 mile and 80,000 mile marker. Check your owner’s manual to determine the suggested schedule. If your car is over 60K miles and the timing belt has not yet been replaced it should be of high priority. You should also have the belt checked for used vehicles over 60K miles. When we replace your belt we will also replace the water pump and all connective tensioners and pulleys. If your water pump is not powered by your timing belt (which most are), then we may not need to replace it at the same time.

What Does My Timing Belt Do?

Your timing belt plays the vital role of ensuring that the engine valves and controls (the camshaft and crankshaft) open and close at the proper time. Without the timing belt, your car will not start because your engine will not be able to produce the internal combustion required to drive. If the belt is still intact but is worn out, it may negatively impact the timing and lead to costly damage to your pistons and engine. This is why it is important to have the belts, water pump, and all connectors replaced before you have a problem. Our ASE Certified technician will ensure that the belt and all its components are sound. We’ll replace them or suggest how long you can go before your next timing belt inspection!

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