Stop By Auto Stop Falls Church For Shock, Strut, & Suspension Repairs in Falls Church, VA

Your vehicle suspension absorbs shock and keeps your vehicle riding smoothly. If you have recently noticed that you are bouncing around more when driving on roads that once felt smooth—or as though you can feel every little bump, then you are likely in need of a suspension repair. There are many things that can lead to a suspension issue, and your shocks or struts may not be the only thing in need of a repair. We will perform an in-depth inspection to determine if your steering or wheel alignment is also off. We are an auto shop that you can trust which is why we provide a 36 months/36,000 miles nationwide warranty on all of our repairs. This provides you with the confidence that no matter where you are in the country that your work is still covered! Auto Stop Falls Church is a full service shop with ASE Master Certified technicians.

How Can I Tell If My Vehicle Suspension Is Damaged?

Every vehicle has either shocks or struts at each wheel which help to maintain balance and carriage control. Your vehicle is heavy, and your suspension supports the weight of your car or truck. Your suspension will likely be checked with your 10K mile inspections or any time you have your wheel alignment fixed or your tires rotated or balanced. It’s tricky to determine how long your shocks or struts will last—but most last at least 50,000 miles, often longer. There are several things you can do to minimize your need for suspension repairs, such as maintaining proper tire pressure, investing in quality tires, rotating your tires, and keeping your vehicle properly aligned. Signs that your suspension has been damaged include:

  • If your vehicle feels bouncy when driving on flat roads.
  • If your vehicle continues to bounce after driving on uneven roads.
  • If you are bottoming out in areas you didn’t used to bottom out in.
  • If the body of your vehicle sways in high winds.
  • If your tires are cupped and/or vibrate when driving over a speedbump or minor dip.
  • If your steering feels like it is slipping or feels more difficult than usual.
  • If your vehicle nosedives when you brake fast or hard.
  • If it feels like you are sitting lower in one corner, one strut or shock is likely damaged.
  • Leaking fluid could be from a few different locations including your suspension.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, we urge you to stop by Auto Stop Falls Church as soon as possible. Not only is your safety compromised but the longer you wait the more damage will be done. Walk-ins are always welcome—and for your convenience we have a free shuttle, loaner cars and afterhours drop-off and pick-up.