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What are the signs of a faulty or failing oil separator?

What Is the Oil Separator in Your BMW?

Your BMW has many features designed to make the vehicle more environmentally friendly. One of these is the oil separator. The oil separator is part of a system of hoses and other parts designed to reclaim the oil that becomes heated by the engine and turned into gas. It works like a cooling system for the heated oil gas, giving the gas a place to cool down. The system then allows the cooled oil to return to the engine system through the hoses into the oil pan. It sounds complicated and can be, but it’s meant to reduce the emissions your BMW releases into the atmosphere.

If your BMW’s oil separator malfunctions, you’ll know, and it will be time to take your BMW in for repair.

Signs of a Faulty Oil Separator System

It’s critical to pay attention to the signs of a faulty or failing oil separator system because a complete failure of this system can cause catastrophic engine issues up to and including failure. At the first sign of a faulty or failing oil separator system, take your BMW to your favorite service center for repair to avoid costly and time-consuming repairs.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light comes on for a myriad of reasons, one of which is a fault in the oil separator system. Anytime this light illuminates on your dashboard, you know it’s time to take your BMW to be serviced. The sooner your mechanic diagnoses the reason behind the light coming on, the better.

Excessive Oil Consumption

All vehicles will burn through a certain amount of oil over the life of an oil change, but if you notice your BMW is using much more oil than it might normally, that’s a good sign there may be something wrong with your oil separator system. Talk with your mechanic about how best to fix this issue when you take your BMW in for repair.

Sludge Under Your Oil Cap

When the oil separator system fails, it may fail to remove all the moisture from the oil returned to the oil pan. That moisture can gather under your oil cap, leaving a thick sludge behind. If you notice this sludge when you check the cap, it’s time to immediately get to a service center.

Smoke from the Exhaust Pipe

If you notice smoke coming from your BMW’s exhaust pipe, it might be an indicator of a problem with your oil separator system. The smoke will be white or light blue if it is your oil separator system. This is a sign your BMW needs immediate repair.

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