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Tips to Maintain Your Suspension

The suspension system in your vehicle is more important than you might give it credit for. Not only does the suspension make your ride more comfortable, but it also improves the safety of your ride and protects the proper working order of your brakes, tires, wheels, and axles. Preventative maintenance for your suspension system can save time and money and help you avoid catastrophic suspension repairs.

Monitor The Shocks

If your vehicle has been bouncing excessively when going over bumps or around turns, you may have failing shock absorbers. Left unreplaced, your shocks will eventually fail, leading to a rougher ride that can be quite unsafe.

Have Tires Rotated

Regular rotation of your tires should be done every 20,000 miles or so, to maintain even wear on your tires. Uneven tire wear can lead to a rough ride and can exacerbate any existing problems with your suspension system.

Check Tire Pressure

Keeping your tires properly inflated will help to reduce wear and tear on your vehicle’s suspension system.

Check Power Steering Fluid and Belt

Checking the power steering fluid and belt on a hydraulic steering system will help lengthen the life of the components of the suspension system in your vehicle.

Service the Joints

Each time you take your vehicle in for an oil change, you should ask your mechanic to inspect the suspension system joints. Proper lubrication of these components will increase the longevity of the entire suspension system and reduce the need for suspension repair.

Inspect the Full System

Regularly, or after any collision, you should have your mechanic inspect the full suspension system for failing components and damage. Keeping ahead of problems in this way will help you to avoid catastrophic system failures and save you time and money on repairs over time.

Maintaining your suspension system will save you time and money in the long run. Rather than waiting for signs of failure in the system, why not add suspension system maintenance to your preventative maintenance schedule? Ask the technicians at Auto Stop in Falls Church, VA, what you can do to improve the life of your vehicle and avoid suspension repairs. Call to make an appointment today.

Written by Auto Stop