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Snow in the Forecast?

Snow in the Forecast?
Make sure you’re prepared!

Before the snow falls:

  • Fill your gas tank
    • In the event of traffic jams, you’ll have enough gas to run the heater
  • Top off your washer fluid
    • Roads will be littered with salt, keep your windshield clean with plenty of washer fluid
  • Check all your exterior lights
    • Being visible to others is key

Things to have in your car:

  • Ice scraper
    • Makes cleaning your car an ease
  • Small snow shovel
    • Clear snow around your car if you get stuck
  • Heavy jacket/gloves
    • In the event you have to get out of your car and walk

Gas gage reading fullFilling a windshield washer reservoir with fluidCheck for all brake lights workingSnow and Ice scraper for carsSmall snow shovelwinter jacket and gloves

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