Why You Need Wheel Alignment

Perfecting Vehicle Performance

You want your vehicle to always be at its best, right? To counteract the forces of wear-and-tear, you need regular maintenance. One of the most important things you can do for your vehicle to keep it performing at its best is wheel alignment. Auto Stop in Falls Church, Virginia will handle the details of your service, all you need to know is why and when to get it done!

Get the Most Out of Parts

From the moment your vehicle leaves the dealership’s lot, it starts the process of wear-and-tear. Parts start moving, spinning, and rolling to get the car going. After miles of motion, parts degrade and need replacement to protect the vehicle’s optimal level of performance. Take your tires for example, they are subject to contact with the road’s surface and the friction causes them to eventually wear out. But driving with poor wheel alignment can dramatically accelerate the process. Instead of lasting thousands of miles, your tires might need replacement much sooner.

If you notice uneven tire wear, get your alignment checked!

Get the Best Fuel Efficiency

If you care about getting high fuel economy, you should care about your vehicle’s wheel alignment. That’s because alignment problems, including pulling to one side, cause your engine to work a lot harder to move the vehicle the same distance. With poor alignment, your vehicle’s wheels fight against one another instead of working together for a smooth ride. To get those tires moving, the engine sucks up a lot more fuel! You’ll end up spending a lot more at the pump than is really necessary if your vehicle were performing its best.

If you see a drop in fuel efficiency, get a full inspection to find the issue.

Stay in Control

Driving a car with poor wheel alignment can feel like a struggle. When you are driving straight, the car might drift to one side. It might be difficult to steer or the steering wheel might even be crooked! The suspension might make each ride uncomfortable as you bounce over bumps in the road. These are all reasons to get professional wheel alignment service. You should have full control over your vehicle at all times, and you need the steering and suspension systems to be in good health.

Does your car drift when the steering wheel is straight? You need a wheel alignment!

Keep your vehicle properly aligned with regular service at Auto Stop in Falls Church, Virginia!

Written by Auto Stop