A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Lexus The Lexus is great. It looks great, it drives great. It’s quite the status symbol. But what makes it so special, so different from other luxury brands? Aside from the obvious, there are some interesting facts about the Lexus that you may not know. You can tell […]


Is Mercedes-Benz Really King of the Road? The Mercedes-Benz logo is an international symbol of luxury. It may be the most easily recognized high-end vehicle in the world. Anytime you see someone behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz, you will automatically assume a certain level of class and distinction. You may know what it means […]


Oil Filters are on the Front Line Protecting Your Engine Filtering Out Stray Contaminants The purpose of a vehicle is to be in constant contact with the earth. This means there will always be internal and external debris that finds its way into the oil and into the engine. In order for oil to do […]


Five Fun Facts Every Audi Driver Should Know The Audi is the perfect combination of speed, style, and power. It’s a head-turning make that’s pleasing to the eyes and also to the ears. Audi has long been one of the automobile industry’s best examples of quality German engineering. Anybody who’s driving an Audi knows exactly […]

Everything You Need To Know About Check Engine Diagnostics

The check engine light is indicative of a problem in your vehicle that could be affecting your fuel, ignition, or emission, and potentially other systems. If your check engine light has suddenly turned on or you suspect there may be a problem with your car’s engine, it’s time for a check engine diagnostic to investigate […]

Common Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Repair

Your suspension plays a very critical role in The safety and comfortability of your vehicle. Not only does it absorb the bumps and potholes on the road, but it also makes sure your tires remain on the road at all times and permits your car the ability to brake when you need it to. However, […]

Most Common Check Engine Light Causes

Among the most common and most dreaded Automobile problems that many auto owners face is that of the check engine light. While it’s essential to have your car undergo a check engine diagnostics test if this happens to you, in some cases, it may not be the end of the world for your vehicle. Below […]

Most Common Engine Repairs

One of the most common and most dreaded problems that Auto owners experience is an engine repair problem. While the check engine light turning on can sometimes indicate a minor problem, it can also be warning you of a much bigger issue. Regardless of why the check engine light is on, you mustn’t ignore it […]

How to Prevent Costly BMW Repairs

The average American spends an approximate average of nearly 38,000 miles behind the wheel each year. We use our vehicles for everything from commuting to work to traveling to family gatherings and meeting up with friends, which means we need our cars fully functional to ensure no hiccups. Though BMW repairs are almost inevitable, costly […]

How an Oil Change Protects Your Vehicle

Regular car maintenance is critical in protecting your vehicle’s health, but no maintenance may be more important than routine oil changes. Your automobile is a perfect combination of hundreds of parts functioning to get your vehicle from one location to another. But without oil, all those intricate parts will start to rub against each other […]